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Emergency Fund

About the Fund



About the Fund

Calamities always visit uninvited. July the 26th of 2005 and few days thereafter were disastrous to most Mumbaikars. There are countless other issues like major sickness, operations and what not. We still have plenty of Kudaldeskars around who need help in such situation. Many a times such affected persons or families do contact KGBSS. That generated the thought of a special emergency fund. Once the idea was rooted, our ever enthusiastic workers started in full swing and got a good response.

To start with Dr Prakash Dhond a noted ENT in Borivli & his relatives gave Rs 51000/-. Many others including some non KDGB also offered whatever they could afford. But this needs to be a continuous affair, more so with the terror activity in the upswing. Needless for one to mention that in such an emergency situation affected poor party has to depend on relatives, friends or well wishers. Even a thought that someone is around to help i in itself a great solace.

We request you all to offer whatever best you can to this noble cause.