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About Us

Birth Story
Special Thanks

In intial times all meetings were either at Mr. Mangesh Prabhu or Mr. Aba Keluskar residence. But the work was increasing and Late Shri Dnyandeo Desai donated the office space in Atmaram society to the KGBSS and it continues to be the office till date. During this gala transfer, Shri Atmaram Samant(Dinu Bhatji) played a stellar role. Shri Chandrakant Samant, Shrimati Ashalata Thakur, Shri Atmaram Samant, Shri Manohar Patkar, Sau Sunita Ajgaonkar, Shri Shamrao Naik, Shri Tatya Prabhu, Pant Walawalkar and many others served the KGBSS for many starting years.

In last 5/6 years, infusion of young workers coupled with experienced workers have put KGBSS on a high pedestal. KGBSS is a very active and famous organisation and continues additional programs like honoring senior citizens, offering educational assistance, help in natural emergency, entertainment program, cultural program etc. Even kudaldeshkars from far off places like Palghar, Kalyan, Vashi, Malvan, Rajapur, Vengurla, Goa, Belgaum do contact us for guidance and help.
Our progress till date is only due to all kudaldeshkars around, our donors,advertisers,wellwishers and our bank of enthusiastic workers.

We continue to work though following activities:

  1. Arrange sneh sammelans to promote unity.
  2. Mahila mandal for activities ofwomen.
  3. Mass thread ceremony - two Batus free and all others on concessional basis.
  4. Update list of eligible bachelors, perform vadhu var melava.
  5. Felicitate meritorious students.
  6. Help needy kudaldeshkars in emergency situation.